Housing Referrals
Living Room locates affordable, stable housing for people with low to moderate incomes and provides assistance with first month's rent, security deposits, application fees and other housing costs as well as providing home starter supplies donated by churches and other groups.

Late Rent & Utility Assistance
Living Room provides financial assistance for late rent, mortgages and utilities thus preventing homelessness.

Long-term rental assistance for families (TBRA)
Through the TBRA program, Living Room provides long-term rental assistance for families. We inspect apartments to assure that properties meet HUD Housing Quality Standards and then subsidize rent for a minimum of 12 months, which allows families to stabilize and address their own healthcare, mental health, school, employment and other needs.

Special Needs Housing Assistance Program (SNHAP)
Beginning in 2005, SNHAP is a program that provides housing for 36 homeless adults with HIV/AIDS who are also mentally ill, addicted or transgendered. We place clients in residential and treatment programs that specialize in serving these populations. We also provide a monthly subsidy to cover residential or treatment costs, and assign case managers who assist residents in maintaining sobriety, accessing mental health services and medical care and maintaining their housing.

Our programs and services are available to anyone who is diagnosed with HIV or AIDS, including their dependents. You must be:
  • Under the care of a medical provider
  • Homeless or at risk of becoming homeless
  • Currently in case management or willing to work with a case manager from a recognized AIDS service organization